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The CDG2000 High Performance Transceiver, designed by Collin Harabin G3SBI, Dave Roberts G8KBB and George FareG3OGQ, was published in 2003. Many people invited a new look at the design of high quality and high performance ham radio transceivers. CDG2000 Yahoo Group, established in the middle of 2002, had almost 400 members, more than 1500 articles were published there..

Philosophy of design was presented very clearly:

" Most high performance receivers today feature multiple conversion with a high first intermediate frequency. This is very cost effective, reducing the need for good band pass filtering in the front end and improving image rejection. However, multiple intermediate frequencies mean multiple oscillators, each with their own noise problem etc, leading to the production of "birdies" and intermodulation distortion. We therefore decided to adopt a conventional single conversion superhet with a fairly low intermediate frequency but using a synthesiser running at VHF, divided down. This technique has the advantage of reducing phase noise and avoids the use of multiple VCOs. It was also decided that the best performance would be achieved by limiting the range to the amateur bands only. "

I like surface mount technik. My idea was to built CDG2000 in SMD version. Starting in 2005 I worked through all the original documents, designed and implemented new PCBs and during 5 years built a new transceiver. I made some changes that did not affect substantially the key parameters and high performance of the transceiver.

The following pages show  the results of my work.

Christmas 2010. I found this valuable gift under the tree.....

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