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LPT version of N2PK VNA, built in 2008. Home made Power supply used. See next chapter for more details.

Version 4.1 PCB from VE3IVM. Skills are needed for such a board populating. DDS ICs are under cooling plate.

Cooper plate helps to stabilize the operating temperature of DDS circuits. Plate is conductively coupled with VNA cover box.

USB Interface board from G8KBB. Dave is also the author of an excellent software for N2PK VNA  (MyVNA).

Reflection bridge is using in reflection mode to sense the power reflected from the DUT. See more details here. Board was delivered as a part of VNA PCB from Ivan.

Ivan VE3IVM offers VHF and UHF transverter boards as an accessory to the Vector Network Analyzer.

Transverter is enclosed in a Hammond 1455C801 extruded aluminum box.

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